Springfield Cougars Lacrosse Club is a non-profit Summer Travel Lacrosse Program established for Springfield Youth and High School players with the following goals: Provide a cost-effective and competitive tournament lacrosse experience for all kids in SS

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Message Sent October 15, 2017


This message is to re-introduce Springfield Cougars Lacrosse Club (SCLC) to the youth lacrosse community, invite you to JOIN US in Summer 2018 and, for tournament-ready BOYS & GIRLS, to attend our free TRYOUTS in Nov.

With the continued growth of the summer tournament format, lacrosse is increasingly a year-round sport and more popular than ever. As most all clubs operate on a “for-profit” basis, summer options are limited, quite expensive, can be inconvenient and don’t give the instruction younger players require.

SCLC was established as a PA non-profit Corporation in 2013 to change this dynamic. SCLC’s objective is to operate summer club programs to provide all youth in Springfield School District (SSD) with numerous benefits, including:

·         a cost-effective and competitive tournament lacrosse experience;

·         allowing teammates to play together in a more intense/competitive format;

·         instructing players, year-round, in a consistent way; and

·         integrating Springfield’s exceptional alumni as coaches and advisors.

In 2017, our 4th summer program again proved that, in Springfield, we DON’T have to rely on for-profit Club’s to give our kids a quality summer experience.

·         Our BOYS Program, in its 4th season, had 110 members with 4x teams competing over a 6-week period in 3x local, high-quality tournaments. 

·         Our GIRLS Program, in its 2nd season, had 72 members with 2x teams competing over a 6-week period in 2x local, high-quality tournaments.

In 2018, we are expecting to again have 4x BOYS tournament teams (G2-G7) and up to 3x tournament teams for GIRLS (G4-G7).

We are excited to invite all BOYS and GIRLS in SSD currently in grades K-7 to JOIN US in Summer 2018. The only thing we need from you NOW is to complete the below Google Doc so that we know who is interested and, for tournament eligible players, who is coming to our Tryouts.

Cougar Lacrosse - BOYS Summer 2018 Signup

Cougar Lacrosse - GIRLS Summer 2018 Signup


Unsure what a Tryout entails? Each Tryout is conducted in a group format, operated like a clinic and takes place at Halderman Field (570 West Springfield Road). Full gear is suggested and there will be parent information sessions.

·         BOYS Tournament Tryout (G2-7) is Sun. Nov. 5th from 3:00 to 4:15 p.m.

·         GIRLS Tournament Tryout (G4-7) is Sun. Nov 12th from 3:00 to 4:15 p.m.

Concerned because you have a conflict with the Tryout date/time? We hope to have as many as possible attend the Main Tryouts. For those with conflicts, we have/will schedule Makeup Tryouts and the Google Doc has fields to capture your preference if necessary. Nobody will be left out.

Concerned that your child may not be ready for tournaments? Our programs are designed to provide everyone with a chance to participate. No cuts will be made and everyone gets to be part of the Springfield team! For those not ready for competitive tournament play, we offer a Developmental option at a substantially reduced cost. Developmental status allows the member to attend 12 practice sessions and affords a uniform package option.

Concerned about team size and playing time? In 2017, BOYS and GIRLS tournament teams ranged in size between 20-21 players & 19-24 players, respectively. In 2018, we generally expect to organize teams by graduation year, though this could change and won’t be the same between programs. We are committed to controlling team size. We expect all teams to have no more than 22 players and we may employ a waitlist feature.

Concerned about non-lacrosse Summer conflicts? We recognize your child may have other sports or family commitments in June/July. We would never penalize a player for missing an event because of conflicts provided there is open communication and advanced notice given. Fortunately, our season calendars are detailed and published often 6 or more months ahead.      

Unsure what SCLC membership entails? Membership is truly more than practices and games; it’s a connection to the Springfield Lacrosse Family. Your child’s membership is enhanced by a variety of members-only in-and-out of season benefits, including quality uniforms, scrimmages, free instructional clinics for parents/coaches/players, social events, discounted strength & conditioning, access to private instruction and free Family Wrapup Party.

Unsure about the financial & time commitment? We are a non-profit organization and many of us have children in the program and volunteer. We understand the demands on your time and money and we are consciously working to balance quality and value. In 2018, we are confident to say that our membership fees will NOT change and will be as follows:

·         BOYS = $550/Regular and $200/Developmental (unchanged from 2014)

·         GIRLS = $450/Regular and $200/Developmental (unchanged from 2017)

We have/will publish our 2018 rates, payment schedule options, coaching assignments and a detailed 2017/18 calendar online by November, well before anyone is asked to make a financial commitment.


Springfield Lacrosse has a long history of success; accentuated by SHS Boys State Championships in 2017 and 2016. Through SCLC-sponsored programs, our children have greater opportunities to develop their lacrosse skills at an early age. Facilitating a bond between our alumni and the youth is a key ingredient. We believe the success of SCLC is vital to our ability to continue and build upon the proud tradition of Springfield Lacrosse.

Please visit our website where we have/will be posting updated content regularly @ www.springfieldlacrosseclub.com

Please share your comments and feedback with us by contacting any of our Board members directly or by emailing us at 

The Springfield Cougars Lacrosse Club, Inc. Board of Directors:

Tom Lemieux (SHS Boys Head Coach & SCLC Club Director)

John Cugini

Sarah Damato

Mike DePetris

Brian Gougler

Ed Grafstrom

Kevin Keenan

Jim Kennedy

Rob O'Brien