Springfield Cougars Lacrosse Club is a non-profit Summer Travel Lacrosse Program established for Springfield Youth and High School players with the following goals: Provide a cost-effective and competitive tournament lacrosse experience for all kids in SS

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Summer Travel Lacrosse Program

  1. Provide a cost-effective and competitive tournament lacrosse experience for all kids in the SAA and Springfield High School Lacrosse programs

Summer Club Teams are expensive ($1000-$1500+).  We want to provide Springfield players an affordable way to compete in the Elite Showcase tournaments in our area.  As a non-profit organization with many of the Board / Coaches volunteering their time we can provide this for a substantially reduced cost with no tryout fees.

To keep cost down and the program manageable we will only accept players from the SAA or Springfield High School Programs.  Please note that it is perfectly acceptable for a player to play on other club teams in conjunction with the Cougar program.

  1. Develop and enhance player skills and lacrosse I.Q. while teaching teamwork and sportsmanship

We will practice 12+ times to prepare for tournaments incorporating both position specific and team concept drills.  As always, we will teach the players to “Win or Lose with Class”.

  1. Allow Springfield teammates to play together in a more intense and competitive format

The more game time our players have together, the more cohesive a team they will become.  12 practices and 3 tournaments will provide 27 opportunities to play together and increase team and individual skill levels.

  1. Instructing players in a consistent way from the Youth through Varsity levels while playing with “Springfield Pride”

All teams will be taught the same basic team concepts and plays from Youth through High School so as players progress through the various levels of Springfield Lacrosse there will be consistency and familiar terminology usage.  “Springfield Pride” is not only reflected in our attitude and how we play the game but in our history of producing excellent lacrosse players.  The exponential growth of our youth program is a tribute to the pride instilled in all our players over the years.

  1. Showcase Springfield players on and off the field and guide High School players through the college recruiting process

One of the criticisms about Club Lacrosse is that programs/coaches highlight players from their township spring teams.  Cougar Lacrosse is designed to promote Springfield players and put them in the best position to be successful and help the team.  As players advance to High School, our coaches and advisors will be there to help the player and his family through the college recruiting process.  As everyone's recruiting experience is different depending on academics, level of play and schools of interest, our coaches will use their first-hand experience to offer suggestions and guidance to each individual.

  1. Integrate Springfield Lacrosse’s exceptional alumni into the program as coaches and advisors

The Springfield program has produced dozens of Division I, II and III lacrosse players as well as some of the best Professional players in the world.

Our Youth and High School players aspire to that level and will get to learn from local Springfield players who have made it there through practice, hard work and dedication.  We expect several things from our coaches:  professionalism, constant interaction with and teaching of our players at practice and games, and excellent communication with players and parents.  Our directors will always be there to assist the coaches and make sure these expectations are met.